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Digital ID & Wallet
DID enabled data wallet for decentralized data storage, selective sharing and management

Public Sector: Supporting various ID and certificates issuance/management functions linked to the digital wallet platform of the Ministry of Interior & Security and under participating in projects for implementing Digital ID system in overseas countries

Private sector: Management of access to various business systems using DID user identity authentication and protection of personal information leaks by hacking to support the function of linking various financial and insurance services to public institutions

DIDH*DIDH* based MyData Platform
*Decentralized Identity Data Hub

Enhancing Personal Data Protection, Data Sharing, and Rewards Services through Blockchain

Cloud-based user authentication system
A solution to strengthen personal security/hacking prevention and data protection through DID-based cloud user identity verification/qualification and data access control to support an authentication system that is most powerful for preventing ransomware that hacks administrator ID/PW.
Use Cases
Cloud-Based Data Management/Security Solution
Digital ID
Identity authentication with an anti-forgery ID based on DID technology
Access Control
Strengthen facility security with access registration, issuance, and security level authority setting functions using easy Identity authentication
Digital Wallet
Empowering users to directly manage their personal data for selective information disclosure, ensuring powerful integrity and security
Electronic Voting
An electronic voting system that complies with GDPR while ensuring prevention of electoral fraud
DIDH Platform
A blockchain platform supporting the public projects of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Blockchain-based proposal submission/access and evaluation management system
Facial recognition-based easy payment service
Establishment of infrastructure for biometric authentication easy payment service and data analysis for employees
AI and CCTV-based Epidemiological System
Safely and transparently managing individual infection risk information through DIDH
MyData Platform
Digital ID-Based ‘MyData’
Online/Offline authentication and personal data management
Game/shopping community based ‘MyselfData’
Safely sharing and utilizing non-identifiable personal data, including payment, distribution, consumption, and niometric information, through integration with DIDH
Digital Healthcare
Management of medical information and health data / treatment information management
Diet 3.0
Delivering a variety of tailored services through the combination of personal information and AI analysis
Bidding evaluation management system of Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Grand prize in blockchain in 'High Tech Awards'
2020 Blockchain grand prize in new technology field
KBEPA(Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association)
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